Monday, December 29, 2014

New Show: Bringing Up Bates!

Long time, no see!

This blog has been a bit neglected since the Bate's TLC show, United Bates of America, was cancelled. However, get ready for more regular posts because the Bate's have a new show!

Bringing Up Bates premieres Thursday, Janurary 1 on the UP Network at 9pm EST.

Episode descriptions for the first 3 episodes are below:

January 1 at 9pm EST:

Bringing Up Bates: Meet the Bates  

 Meet the super-sized Bates family: Parents Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have 19 kids, 3 kids-in-law, and their first grandbaby on the way! The house is buzzing as the family gathers for dinner, including married couples Zach & Whitney -- who are expecting baby Bradley in one month – and Erin & Chad. As Kelly Jo and the girls plan a baby shower for Whitney, Gil and the older boys are off to a tree cutting job. Later, Erin shares that she had another miscarriage and is struggling to get pregnant. On the day of the shower, chaos ensues when Trace gets into a car accident and sibling Alyssa and her husband, John, arrive from Florida with news of their own.

January 8 at 9pm EST:

Bringing Up Bates: Courtship and Marriage 

Newlywed Erin Bates is adjusting to married life, going from a house with 18 siblings to a house with just her husband, Chad. To help ease the transition to a quiet house and help the heartache of another miscarriage, she hosts her younger siblings for a sleepover. Meanwhile, eldest daughter Michaela is in courtship with a young man named Brandon, who is away at seminary school in Texas. She wants to surprise him with a visit, but how will that go over with the Bates family’s strict courtship and intimacy rules? Then, at Zach and Whitney’s final ultrasound before the birth, the couple gets honest about having a baby – and if they’ll follow in Zach's parents' footsteps in every sense. Later, at an OBGYN check-up, Erin and Chad get news that impacts their desire to start a family.

Thursday, January 15 at 9pm EST:

Bringing Up Bates: Bates Gone Wild 

Nothing like driving lessons and a camping trip to bring out family dynamics. As the Bates family gears up to rough it outdoors – how do they pack for so many and move the troops all at once? – Tori and Carlin’s nerves are rattled by older brothers Zach and Lawson as they practice one last time for their driving test. Later, settling in at the campsite proves challenging as not everyone is thrilled to be in the wild. Then as Gil, Kelly Jo and the older kids take a canoe trip, 16-year old Carlin babysits 8 younger siblings. As daunting as it seems, she fares better than the adults do on the canoe trip.

Here's to a successful return to television for the Bates! Leave them your well wishes in the comments.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Watch "Love Times 21" & "Papa Bill's Farm"!

The first 2 episodes of the series, "Love Times 21" and "Papa Bill's Farm", are now available to watch for free! They have been uploaded to a website called DailyMotion. The videos are embedded below. Stay tuned and we will post the other episodes if and when they are uploaded as well! Enjoy!

Love Times 21


Papa Bill's Farm


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Judson Turns 2!

Today, Judson Wyatt, Gil & Kelly's 18th child, celebrates his 2nd birthday!

Happy Birthday, Judson!

Judson currently.

Carlin and baby Judson.

Judson as a newborn.

Monday, September 3, 2012

"New Editions" & "Bates Plus 12" Recap!

On tonight's episodes of United Bates of America...

New Editions.

  • Being a family of 21 people, Gil is always looking for ways to save money and be frugal. The family decides to get chickens, since they would be able to provide the crew with fresh eggs.
  • The Bates had chickens once before, but instead of having a coop, the chickens were free-range...which didn't work out so well. Those chickens liked the front porch better than the backyard, which Kelly & the girls didn't appreciate!
  • This time around, the Bates are going to keep the chickens in a coop--but first, they have to build the coop! In order to build the coop where Kelly wants it, the family has to clean out a lot of junk.
  • In trying to be resourceful, Gil may have gone a little overboard over the years with saving different things--he himself even admits he could probably be on the show Hoarders!
  • The day the chicken coop is being built happens to be Carlin's 14th birthday! Carlin wasn't expecting much of a celebration with everyone being so busy, but they surprise her with cake, balloons, and roses!  Even with so many people in the family, the Bates always make a point to make birthdays special.
  • In the Bates home, it's praises before presents on birthdays! They go around in a circle, everyone praising Carlin about something-- her parents praise her for being so generous & always giving of herself, while Zach praises her diligence! 
  • The next day, during the building of the chicken coop, the family is reminded that Warden & Isaiah have a dentist appointment! Lawson steps up and offers to take them.
  • After a few days of hard work from Gil & the older boys, they finally successfully finish building the chicken coop! They call it the "For Knox" of Chicken Coops.
  • Finally they get some chickens to put in the big coop! Gil's friend sets him up with several adult chickens and about 20 chicks!
  • The chicks are growing and doing well, and the Bates are definitely enjoying the eggs--the adult chickens yield 2-3 eggs a day!

Bates Plus 12.

  • The Paine family of 12 is coming to stay with the Bates, making the total number of people in the house 33! The family decorates the house in order to make the Paine's feel special. 
  • The Bates decide to take everyone on a train ride (Kelly's favorite thing to do!) and then do something really exciting-- go white water rafting!
  • The group drives the 3 hour drive to Georgia, where they go on a train ride--and with 33 people, they take up a whole train car!
  • After their nice & peaceful train ride, the Bates and Paines all don life jackets and helmets (which the girls aren't too thrilled about!) and get ready to go water rafting!
  • By wearing leggings under their skirts, the Bates are able to stay modest while water rafting.
  • You must be 12 years old to water raft, so since Michaella isn't a big fan of the water, she volunteers herself to watch the 10 children who couldn't go.
  • While most of the kids were excited and ready to jump in their rafts, Kelly, Erin, and Josie were all a little scared. Nevertheless, they ended up enjoying it--but not without plenty of screaming (the instructor of 25 years says it's the loudest raft he's ever heard)!
  • Back at the Bates home, the 2 large families hang out, playing basketball & cards together.
  • The kids do have interests in the opposite sex, and when those interests arise, they pray with Gil and Kelly about the person. If they want to get to know someone, they do it in a family setting, as opposed to traditional one-on-one dating.
  • It's a sad farewell when the Paines finally have to head back home, but they look forward to the next time they can be together!

What did you think of tonight's episodes? Have you ever been white water rafting, and if not, would you like to?

2 New Episodes Tonight (Season Finale)!

Be sure to tune in tonight for 2 new episodes of United Bates of America! Tonight's episodes will be the season finale of the show. Although it just started on August 13th, it was only contracted for an 8 episode "trial-run", so that's it for now! However, as far as we know, the show should come back with more episodes later on in the year.

At 9:00PM EST/8:00PM CST:

United Bates of America: New Editions 

Gil and Kelly Jo have decided to take on some new tenants: chickens! Despite past failed attempts at keeping chickens, they're determined to make their land productive. Will the family finally get the bounty of eggs they've been hoping for?

At 9:00PM EST/8:00PM CST:

United Bates of America: Bates Plus 12 

When you have a family of 21, what's a few more houseguests added to the mix? The Bates get a visit from their friends the Paines who are a family of 12. Later, we get a lesson on dating, and the family has one very big announcement to share.

Of course, if you can't tune in, there will be a recap of both episodes up on the blog shortly after they air!

Happy Labor Day to all of our readers!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bates on Good Morning America (Video Clip)!

A few weeks ago, on August 8th, the Bates family (all 21 of them!) appeared on Good Morning America. On the show, the Bates talked about a little bit about their new reality show & why they decided to do it, plus a lot about their family life and how they make things work with over 20 people in the household! We have posted the video clip below. Enjoy!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Erin the Musician.

As many of you may know, 21 year old Erin Bates is quite the talented pianist! She began piano lessons at the age of 7, and she is now a distinguished musician who highly enjoys the piano. Erin has been attending Crown College of the Bible for the last 3 years to get a degree in Music Ministry, and she's only 1 a short year away from that goal. She has even been giving some of her younger siblings piano lessons over the past few years!

A few years ago, in 2010, Erin released her first CD of piano music, entitled Merciful and Mighty. It can be purchased here. Since then, she has been working earnestly, and her work has paid off--just this month, she released her second CD, Down Home Gospel! Erin's newest CD features "upbeat, hand clapping & foot stomping, Southern Gospel appeal".

Here Erin talking about her new CD and her music career in the video below:

Erin's latest CD can be purchased through the Bates family website, at this link. You can also hear some samples of Erin's beautiful music on the page!

What do you think of Erin's music? Do you plan or purchasing her CD's?